Get the scoop on what’s happening with food rescue.

Minister Bibeau announces an extra $30 million to help vulnerable people in Canada access food

Since it was launched in the opening months of the pandemic, the Emergency Food Security Fund has supported more than 5,000 local food initiatives across Canada, with over 1,100 initiatives directly supporting Indigenous organizations and communities. The Fund has helped to serve healthy, nutritious and culturally diverse meals to millions of people in Canada.

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“Food insecurity is an issue where politicians can put money where their mouths are” by Lori Nikkel, CEO

There has never been a more important time for us to talk about issues like hunger, food waste, and food insecurity, because the pandemic has thrown these issues into sharp relief. Polls indicate that the economy and economic recovery are two of the top issues concerning Canadians as they consider how they will cast their ballot.

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Minister Bibeau announces another $100 million to help Canadians in need to access food

This additional investment will provide more support for food banks and local food organizations, who are coping with higher demand and fewer resources. The new funding will be divided between Food Banks Canada, Second Harvest, Community Food Centres Canada, Breakfast Club of Canada, Salvation Army, and La Tablée des Chefs, who in turn will distribute it to thousands of local food banks across Canada.

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For companies committed to helping the environment, reducing food waste is the clear place to start

With a growing number of companies committing to food waste reduction, researchers with the World Resources Institute went in to look at more than 1,200 businesses that had decided to take the plunge and examined what the financial effects might be.

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How 'best before' dates waste tons of Canadian food

You've probably thrown something out when it was past the date on the package - even if it didn't really seem like it had gone bad. Listen to our CEO, Lori Nikkel on this latest podcast talking about best before dates then and now, how to use judgement to determine when to toss otherwise edible food and more.

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