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Second Harvest announces $4.5-million in grants for food charities

Food banks and other organizations that distribute meals have already put in place programs to distribute some of the $100-million in funding the federal government announced Friday as part of its plan to ensure the neediest do not go hungry during the novel coronavirus pandemic.

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Second Harvest Doubles Down on Food Recovery & Distribution With New Initiative

The largest food rescue organization in Canada, Second Harvest works across the supply chain from farm to retail to capture surplus food before it winds up in landfill. With a fleet of 11 trucks and their online platform, Second Harvest has rescued and redistributed 15.6 million pounds of fresh, healthy food to more than 1,000 non-profit partners across Canada.

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Second Harvest Food Rescue offers more than $4.5 million to community groups who feed Canadians

Canadian homes throw away $1,766 worth of food every year. The dollar value of unused food thrown out by businesses every year, is in the millions of dollars. As the COVID-19 pandemic deepens, the situation has left many unprecedented number of Canadians are worrying for the first time about how they will afford to put food on the table. With that in mind, Canada’s largest food rescue organization, Second Harvest, is rolling out $4.5 million in new funding to community groups who are feeding vulnerable Canadians during this crisis.

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Interview with Lori Nikkel, CEO, Second Harvest

I am the CEO of Second Harvest, Canada’s largest Food Rescue organization and the proud mother to 3 wonderful sons.  My career started over 20 years ago as a low-income single mom trying to make sure my own children had access to good healthy food.  This resulted in me volunteering at my boys’ school as the nutrition coordinator where I learned quickly that children come to school missing meals for many reasons, and you can’t tell who’s hungry just by looking. The budget was limited, so in order to ensure we had enough food, we requested local retailers and restaurants to donate their surplus food to our program. This is where my passion for food systems began and what motivated me to move beyond the boundaries of that school. I’ve since worked at FoodShare, Breakfast Club of Canada and now Second Harvest.

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How much food and money can you save if you trust your gut instead of the best before label?

was cleaning out my fridge recently, feeling more and more guilty about every rotted piece of fruit and item past its “best before” date. Everything I was throwing out was wasted money and adding to a landfill somewhere. But mid-purge, I realized I wasn’t sure if I actually had to toss a lot of what I was pitching in a garbage bag. The mouldy strawberries obviously had to go. But did I really have to throw out the ground beef just because its best before date was two days ago?

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