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Food Rescue Charity Hoping to Crack Down on Wasted Food

Canada's largest food rescue charity is hoping to put an end to wasted food. A recent study by Second Harvest found 58% of all food produced for Canadians is wasted and, of that, it's estimated about 32% can be avoided.

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Out of the garbage, into your mouth: Food wasted in Canada enough to feed everyone for months, group says

How much food do you end up tossing out? It is probably nothing compared to the amount that is thrown away or lost right across the supply chain every year in Canada, most of it before it even gets to your kitchen. The CEO of a non-profit trying to divert some of that perfectly edible food to people who need it believes it is a sign the system is broken.

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THE RESCUER Lori Nikkel boosts food security and sustainability through the three Rs of food waste: recovery, redistribution and reduction

Lori Nikkel laughs when asked what she does in her free time. "That's a hard question, because I work a lot. But I don't consider it work- I love what I do!" Nikkel is CEO of Toronto-based Second Harvest, Canada's largest food recovery organization with a 35-year history of matching surplus food with the charitable groups that need it.

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Podcast Interview with Lori CEO Second Harvest by Jonathan Harvey on In Your Biz

On this episode I sit down with the CEO of second Harvest Lori Nikkel. Second Harvest is Canadas largest food rescue charity. She also started food which streamlines and reduces food waste across the country.

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TEDx Toronto 2019: Inside a city on the rise (Part 2)

Our second in a series of short films that go behind the scenes and tell the stories of some of the incredible people that make up our city. (Created by Mark Klassen, Alex Booth and Sandbox.)

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