Planning your March Break with your kids? Check out our suggestions below for fun, educational activities for your kids to raise awareness of food rescue and recovery. Or have your high-school aged teens come volunteer with Second Harvest on their break to earn volunteer hours.

For kids ages 5-8:

  • Create a Scavenger Hunt at the local supermarket. Give your children a list and stickers to identify when they have found their object. The scavenger hunt should have a wide range of items that can be found at a supermarket. You can visit a Farmer’s Market as well and compare what you find. Ask both the supermarket manager and the farmer(s) what they do with food that is left over.
  • Make Stone Soup. Examine some overripe fruit and do a taste test. Talk about how sometimes these fruits are thrown out when they are still good to eat. Then make smoothies or popsicles with the fruit. Cooking experiences give children firsthand knowledge of the many properties of foods: spotty bananas make great banana bread, soft tomatoes are perfect for making pasta sauce, and veggies that are starting to wilt are fine to go into soups and great for making stocks.

For kids ages 9-12:

  • Go grocery shopping together. Create lists, plan a meal, and discuss what food actually costs. Plan short field trips to your local stores to compare prices between food groups and between stores. Have your kids consider how much a meal costs, and come up with a plan for the leftovers. Have them consider how difficult it might be for some families to provide nutritious meals for their families given the cost.
  • Make a personal composter. Using a large pop bottle, layer soil on the bottom, followed by fruit and vegetable scraps, followed by leaves and grass or pieces of newspaper, and then continue alternating, leaving soil as final layer. Spray each layer with a fine mist of water. Leave for several months and observe what happens. Has the temperature changed? Does it feel or look different? Here is a link on soda bottle composting for kids.

Check out our Second Harvest Curriculum and Learning Activities for Educators  for more ideas.


Volunteer Opportunities for Youth

If your high-school student is looking for volunteer hours, we have youth volunteer options for them:

March Break Event Preparation Support

Assist with preparing event materials, sorting supplies and taking inventory.

Requirements: Minimum age 14 years old

Tuesday, March 14, 9:30am – 12:30pm or 1:00pm – 4:00pm

Apply here