The Need for Food is Growing Every Day. And in Order to Do More, We Need to Grow too

Close to 370,000 people in Toronto don’t have enough to eat. Would you recognize one of them? They have jobs, families, busy lives. But unstable employment, or fixed incomes that don’t rise with inflation, mean that no matter how hard they try, there is simply never enough.

 The need for food grows and we see it first-hand from our agency partners, like Wychwood Open Door. This drop-in centre serves 3 meals a day to more than 200 homeless and socially isolated people. Chef Sue Ellen told us that in the last year, the number of people who need their help tripled.


We at Second Harvest are doing everything we can to rescue as much food as possible. Last year, we rescued 9.5 million pounds of healthy surplus food – the most we’ve ever rescued – to nourish over 200,000 people in need! But we still need to rescue and deliver more food. A whole lot more. We’ve put together a 4-year plan, called Seeding the Future of Food Rescue, which will make it possible to rescue a whole lot more food, and feed a whole lot more people!
We have big goals that will deliver big impact. And we know that we can reach these goals one step, one dollar and one pound at a time. It will take every one of us, and more, to reach these heights and meet more of the demand for food. Will you consider seeding the future of food rescue by supporting us? Your gift would help us rescue and deliver 10.2 million pounds of food this year, and will set the table for years to come.
Wychwood Open Door is just one of 225 agencies that tell us how much more food they need to feed their clients. And beyond our current partners, another 50 agencies sit on our waitlist.
By 2020, we expect that over 380,000 people in Toronto won’t have enough to eat.
And while hunger escalates and the need for food grows, millions and millions of pounds of good, surplus food are going to waste!
You can see why “a little bit more” is no longer enough. And why it is so important that, together with our supporters, we seed the future of food rescue.
In 4 short years, we need to increase our food rescue to 15 million pounds a year – an increase of more than 50%. By doing this, we will be able to add 55 agencies to our delivery routes. And by doing that, we will be able to nourish an extra 29,000 people every year.
We have set our sights high, because we must. Our social service network needs us. Shoestring budgets and precarious funding make Second Harvest food donations an essential part of their resources. We have set our sights high because vulnerable people in Toronto need us. We have set them high because it is unthinkable that $31 billion worth of food goes to waste in our country while people struggle to put food on the table.


Please, help us rescue more food and nourish more people. Your support is vital to our success and we can’t do it without you! Together, we will continue to change lives and build the Toronto we know is possible. When we seed the future together, we nourish lives.