Meet our Food Rescue Rangers


Kate loves sweets, ukeleles and music, so it’s fitting that she chose to celebrate her sixth birthday at a cupcake shop that included singing along to some her favourite pop music.

She lives downtown with her family and frequently sees many of our neighbours in need on the sidewalks and as such, wanted to support a charity that helps individuals who live in transient housing and face food insecurity. Second Harvest was a natural choice. As part of her ECHOage party, Kate raised a generous $117, which will provide 235 meals to hungry people throughout our city.

Her family hopes to have an ECHOage party again next year, as her parents note, it was: less waste, both in the form of food and excess toys we don’t need.

For her gift, she chose ukelele lessons, in pursuit of her passion for music. Kate, we think you’re great. Thank you for being a Food Rescue Ranger!

Sloane (4) & Rae (2)

Echoage kidsSloane & Rae love to share and decided to celebrate their birthdays together at a cooking school where Sloane enjoyed blowing out the candles on her cake and Rae had fun playing with the Spiderman cake decoration. The girls also enjoyed a trip to the toy store as their birthday presents.

Since the girls had their party at a cooking school they wanted to give to other children who may not always have enough food to eat.

As part of their ECHOage party, $267.50 was donated to Second Harvest which will provide 535 warm and healthy meals to Toronto’s youth.Thank you for your generosity Sloane & Rae; it’s wonderful to have you as our Food Rescue Rangers!

Dylan, 9

Happy 9th birthday, Dylan! Dylan celebrated his birthday at Laser Quest, simultaneously zapping his friends with lasers and helping reduce hunger in Toronto.

After his school conducted a food drive and had an assembly about food insecurity Dylan was motivated to take action.

He decided to have an ECHOage party and donate the proceeds to Second Harvest. Dylan donated $178, enough to provide 355 fresh and healthy meals to Torontonians in need!

Maeve, 5

Maeve loves breakfast, but what she doesn’t like is that other children don’t have breakfast not because they don’t like it, but because they can’t afford it.

That is why Maeve raised $110 during her fifth birthday! With the rest of her money, she bought a Barbie cruise ship.

Thank you Maeve, your donation will help provide 220 breakfasts to other children around Toronto.

Kyla, 6 

Kyla has been learning about hunger and poverty from her parents.  She understands that there are many people in Toronto that do not have a house in which they may live, or 3 healthy meals a day. Kyla feels so lucky to have such loving parents that provide her with everything she needs.

That is why she raised $170 during her birthday celebration to provide meals for hungry adults, children and seniors in Toronto.

Thank you, Kyla! Your donation has provided 340 meals.

We hope your really enjoy the rest of your birthday gifts including your monster high girl and car, and your very first ipod.

Sami, 5

Sami thinks that no one should go hungry. So with the help of his dad, he raised $155.50 from his birthday party to support food rescue.

Sami’s parents say that it is important for them to instill a sense of charity in their young son.

Together this father and son duo visited Second Harvest to personally drop off the money that Sami raised. Sami was very excited to see our warehouse and learn how the money would be spent. 311 meals is a lot of food. Thank you Sami for helping those in need!

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Cole, 9

Cole has really made a commitment to helping people who don’t have enough food.

Not only has Cole had two ECHOage parties where he’s chosen Second Harvest as his charity, but he’s also been involved in food drives at his school.

For his ninth birthday party, Cole and his friends went trampolining and had a great time! His birthday present? A skateboard and helmet. Thank you Cole for being a two-time Food Rescue Ranger!

Bronwyn, 8

Bronwyn rock climbing

For Bronwyn’s 8th birthday, she spent the day at the Toronto Climbing Academy. Bronwyn and her friends climbed their way to the top and raised $60 for Second Harvest – enough to provide 1

20 meals to children in need. She used the other half of her birthday money towards purchasing rock climbing shoes and a harness for her next climbing adventure.

Bronwyn wanted to throw an ECHOage party and chose to support Second Harvest because “it is important to help anyone who is hungry so that they stay healthy and happy.”

Thank you, Bronwyn!

Marcus, 6

For his 6th birthday Marcus got a Lego Millennium Falcon that’s just about as big as he his. But the gift Marcus will likely remember most is the one he gave.

This birthday, Marcus and his family threw an ECHOage party where his friends and family donated money in lieu of gifts with half of the proceeds going towards a gift for Marcus and the other half going towards a charity of their choice. For his ECHOage party Marcus chose Second Harvest.

Why Second Harvest? “Because I want to make kids happy”.

Marcus’s $142 donation will definitely help to do just that, providing 284 healthy meals for kids in Toronto who are going hungry.

We’d like to thank Marcus for supporting his community. The Force is strong in this one!

Oscar, 5

Spider-Man or Star Wars lightsaber? For Oscar, it was a tough choice to make for his 5th birthday gift. But once he saw the lights and heard that “whooshing” noise, he knew it was lightsaber all the way.

Thanks to his mom, Susan, and the ECHOage party they planned for his 5th birthday, Oscar was able to choose and buy this fantastic gift, while also donating enough funds to Second Harvest to provide 198 healthy meals for kids in Toronto who are going hungry.

“Second Harvest is such a good example of a simple idea, executed with determination and passion, and ultimately yielding extraordinary results. My wish is that by making my boys familiar with this kind of an organization, they grow up understanding that even small but consistent efforts can make a positive impact.”

Rio, 9

Rio loves food. That’s why she chose to support Second Harvest on her ninth birthday with an ECHOage party.

“A lot of people in Toronto don’t have enough food, so I think it’s important to support an organization that gives people food”

Rio celebrated her birthday with a skating party and sleepover that included plenty of candy and pampering. With the $145 contributed by her friends and family in lieu of gifts, she was able to donate half to Second Harvest and she’s saving up the other half for “something big” like the tablet she bought last year.

On behalf of everyone at Second Harvest and the kids who will get to enjoy 145 healthy meals because of Rio’s generosity: thank you!


Neil M., parent

When it came to planning my son, Sami’s third birthday party, my wife and I wanted to try something different by hosting an ECHOage party for him.  Besides the convenience of having an easy way to send out invites and track who would be attending the party, we were intrigued by the possibility that Sami’s party would be able to give something back to the community.  The fact that ECHOage allows parents and their children to host a party that can benefit charitable organizations such as Second Harvest, meant a lot to us.

We want to instill in my son the notion that there are other people in society who don’t have as much as we do, and it is our responsibility to help them whenever and wherever we can.

ECHOage allowed us to do this, even though my son may be a little too young to understand why he had to share “his” gifts. Sami is only three.

Our experience with ECHOage was extremely positive. Other than having to input the names and emails of the parents and children we were inviting, the entire process took very little time or effort. We particularly liked the fact that ECHOAge allowed us to track who was and was not attending my son’s party, as well as give our guests a friendly email reminder as the big day approached.

After the party was over, I can’t express how convenient it was to not have to load up my car with a tonne of boxes with gifts and toys my son may or may not have wanted. In previous years, my son’s birthday parties have resulted in way too many gifts, some of which were not reflective of my son’s interests or wants. ECHOage allowed us to not only control the number of boxed gifts we received, but also enabled us to give my son a gift which was more meaningful to him.

Many of our guests appreciated the convenience of ECHOage and the fact that they didn’t have to make a special trip to the toy store to buy a gift for a child they didn’t really know. I know as a previous guest of an ECHOage party, usually buying a gift for the birthday boy or girl is the last thing I do before heading out to the party. ECHOage allows parents to free up some time, by making it convenient to just pay online instead of having to go to a store.

In terms of our decision to choose Second Harvest, my wife and I felt that the work of your organization was in keeping with the values we want to instill in my son.  As my son grows up, we hope he can learn to appreciate more the work your organization does and perhaps one day, even help out in a more direct way.