Launches Across Ontario officially launched across Ontario this month and we celebrated with a Food Rescue Symposium, bringing together food businesses, social service organizations, and local leaders for a conversation about the positive impact of local food recovery.

Second Harvest developed as an innovative tool to take the leg-work out of donating excess food. The system is easy and safe for any food business to offer any type or amount of surplus, edible food within any community. This local approach to rescuing good food is intended to bring communities together through universal access to food recovery.

Since May, has been piloting in Toronto, Kingston, Sudbury, and Niagara. To date, local businesses have donated enough food to equal over 66,000 meals! We are very grateful for the early adopters and their enthusiasm for keeping this good food from needlessly becoming landfill and instead being redirecting back into local neighbourhoods.

The recent FoodRescue Symposium was held at the Cabbagetown Youth Centre, a long-time partner of Second Harvest that generously shared their space for this event. Guests enjoyed a rescued food breakfast, prepared by Daniel et Daniel and were invited to witness a real-time food rescue in the neighbourhood. It was great to have media carry cooler bags, as they learned how to safely pick up perishable food. Watch on CBC Toronto News (at 42:12).

We also had a lively expert panel discussion, featuring:

The Symposium finished with the team delivering a workshop for charities and non-profits, where participants learned about food safe transport, best-before dates, and engaging local food businesses in donating.
It was a fantastic morning and we are so grateful to be able to work with such awesome agencies and donors!

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Thank you to the Walmart Foundation for their generous support of this program.