Great Taste of Ontario

Your field guide to the best food and drink in Ontario

Created by the Culinary Tourism Alliance, The Great Taste of Ontario encourages participants to safely explore the different regions of Ontario and the unique cuisine and hospitality that make them so unique.

Be Inspired: Visit and discover each region

Download Passport: when you find one that excites you download their unique and curated passport for everything to see and do. Many destination passports even feature the top 15 “must see stops”!

Check-in: each time you ‘check-in’ to a passport destination you’ll earn points that can be redeemed for products or donated to Second Harvest!

Share: #GreatTasteofOntario is the hashtag to use when sharing your experience on social media with other foodies in Ontario!

*Due to continued travel restrictions please use the content curated by the Culinary Tourism Alliance responsibly. If your region or the region you want to explore is in a “red zone”, it should be used for inspiration and future planning only.*