Food Waste Innovators Come Together

Hoping to foster a community of food waste advocates, Second Harvest participated in the Wast(ED) food panel on July 9th.

Part of the Waste Education speaker series, featuring leading Toronto initiatives changing the way we reduce, reuse and recycle, the event took place at the Scadding Court Community Centre, and was hosted by the city of Toronto.

Our Director of Programs and Partnerships, Lori Nikkel, joined Helene St. Jaques from Informa Market Research, Mike Nevin from FoodShare Toronto, Sue Arndt from Not Far from the Tree, and Frances Darwin from ZooShare, to discuss both the barriers and positive trends in preventing, reducing and managing food waste.

With upwards of 60 people attending, the event drew to its close with a final remark from Second Harvest, echoing the evening’s sentiment that only through the power of collaboration and advocacy, can we redefine our approach to preventing, reducing and managing food waste.