Food Rescue Heroes

Food Rescue Heroes Leading the Fight Against Food Waste in Your School and Community!

Launched in 2019, Second Harvest introduced a new Hero activity for students that helps them reduce food waste at home and school and fundraise for their community:  FOOD RESCUE HEROES.

Students who take part in Food Rescue Heroes pledge to take action to reduce food waste at home and school while tracking their impact and collecting donations from friends and family.

Food Rescue Heroes works as an individual, class-wide, or school-wide activity and can last any desired length of time:  one week, a month, or a whole semester.

Food Rescue Heroes works to satisfy the growing demand we see in schools for civic activities that promote engagement and action outside of the classroom, encouraging students to recognize and reduce food waste at home and in their community.

Email Kris-John to become Food Rescue Heroes today!

Food Rescue Heroes Resources

Download the Food Rescue Heroes infopak for toolkits, pledge forms, trackers and more.

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