Feeding Our Future 2018

Summer is here and that means the kids are out of school and heading to summer camps across the GTA. At these camps, kids will be given the opportunity to learn life skills that will help set the foundation for their road ahead, and not only that, they’ll be havin’ fun!

Here is something you may not know – for free City of Toronto day camps a child must bring a lunch and for many of these children, their parents are unable to provide this. They have relied on subsidized lunches throughout the school year and then when summer comes along, their children go without. Sadly, hunger doesn’t take a holiday!

With your help, this is where Second Harvest comes to the rescue. We have a fantastic program called, Feeding Our Future. This program delivers meals to camps across the city to make sure kids do have a wholesome, healthy lunch and are able to attend camp.

Your gift today, will make sure children will have a wholesome lunch and will be able to strengthen, not only their bodies and minds, but their spirits as well.

Can you imagine if you had to go each day without lunch, without nutritious food to sustain you? Well, that’s what many of these kids face, so you can understand why a program like Feeding Our Future is so vital.

With your help, Second Harvest will deliver 40,000 lunches to more than 1,400 kids at 16 partner day camps across Toronto this summer. That’s a lot of brown lunch bags!

One agency that has been involved in the Feeding Our Future program is called “Lay-Up”, and you guessed it, they’re a basketball camp.

This wonderful group has been offering 6 to 14 year-old kids the opportunity to learn skills both on and off the basketball court for five years. They equip and inspire youth to face their world by offering them life skills development and healthy living guidance. They’re not just making better basketball players, they’re making better people.

And they do this throughout the year, but in the summer, they offer camps in five different locations such as Jane & Finch, Regent Park and Thorncliffe. The camps are five days a week for three weeks each and offer teamwork, leadership, resilience, hard work,  communication skills, fun AND lunches to 300 kids.

If you do the math – that’s 4,500 lunches – in just this day camp alone!

Max Daviau, the Executive Director of Lay-Up, and his colleague, Matt Silverstein are thrilled to be involved in the Feeding Our Future program and working with Second Harvest.

“In providing this program, donors to Second Harvest are giving community services, like us, the ability to expand their impact. The money we save from not having to buy lunches means that we are able to develop more camps and offer our services to more kids which enriches the entire community. We are putting food in little bellies that wouldn’t get it otherwise…and that’s a very good thing!”, says Max.

To kids, summer means camp. It means doing crafts, playing games, going on adventures, making new friends and learning new skills, but none of that means anything if they don’t have the nutritious food they need to get them through their day.

But you can help relieve this hunger – please donate to Second Harvest today so kids will have healthy days at camp this summer and a brighter, stronger future ahead.