Half Marathon Training Tips

  1. Build up your base: In order to prepare for a half marathon, you should have a weekly mileage base of 20-25km, so that you will not overwhelm your body during training.


  1. Establish a training timeline: 12 weeks is a common length of most half marathon training plans but can also range from 10 to 16 weeks.  Extra weeks can be helpful for any temporary setbacks that happen such as injury.  Make sure to pick a timeline that suits your workout style and routine best.


  1. Quality of training runs: When it comes to your runs, focus on quality over quantity.  If you’re running four times a week, have two of those runs dedicated to quality training runs and have the other two focused on maintaining your distance base.  Running lots of miles each week is great, but lots of miles can also increase your chance of injury.  Use your training runs wisely.


  1. Cross-train: Doing aerobic cross-training as well as light resistance training on your off-running days is a great way to strengthen your running fitness.  Some examples of effective cross-training include cycling, swimming, using elliptical machines and rowing machines.  These activities target your core and upper body and help sustain good running form.


  1. Find a training group/partner: Training with other people helps strengthen dedication and motivation for your training routine.