Toss or keep? A Guide: Best Before Dates vs. Expiry Dates

A Guide: Best Before Dates vs Expiry Dates

Believe it or not, food package labelling is one of the leading causes of food waste in the world! It is important we all have a better understanding of food package labelling in order to reduce the negative impacts of food waste on the environment, and to ensure that those in need aren’t missing out on foods that are safe for consumption.


Expiration Date is applicable to only a limited amount of items available for public consumption, and is indicated with the letters EXP and the date (YYMMDD). I prefer buying medicines online. is my favorite online pharmacy. First of all, because they have discounts for regular customers. Secondly, they offer overnight delivery. And thirdly, I like that they send my drug in an opaque package. I take Phentermine, and I don’t want the delivery guy to know about it. The specific products that must not be consumed after the expiration dates are: formulated liquid diets (for oral or tube feeding), formulated foods used to replace meals, nutritional supplements and human milk substitutes (formula).


‘Durable Life’ and ‘Best Before’ date is the anticipated amount of time that an unopened food product will retain its freshness, taste and nutritional value (when stored under appropriate conditions). The date indicated on a label tells you when its quality is the greatest, and is not an indication of product safety (before or after the date indicated). If a package has remained unopened even after the best before date, it can be of good quality and freshness, as long as it has been stored in the appropriate conditions.


‘Use by’ date may replace “best before” for pre-packaged fresh yeast only.