Nielsen Global Impact Day

For the past seven years, Nielsen, the world leader in consumer insights and trends, has held Nielsen Global Impact Day, a day of where employees go out into the local communities and give back.  This past month Scott Dunstall, an Account Executive, Consumer Insights at Nielsen joined Second Harvest driver Kevin Massiah on the road for his day of service and he shared these thoughts with us.

I spent the day riding shotgun with a Second Harvest driver. We mostly delivered donated food to various agencies around Etobicoke and downtown Toronto.

If you’re considering something for volunteer work, I would recommend this.  

We dropped by an agency that holds 32 beds for adult schizophrenics.  The Assistant Director told me that the family life of a schizophrenic is so chaotic that often family members wear down and can no longer care for their loved one or afford private care. This is where they catch those people he said. Like many other agencies in the city, they struggle to keep their financial head above water week to week and without Second Harvest, it would just be a matter of time.

We visited a school that runs an after school program for kids whose parents work late and can’t afford a sitter.  The Program Facilitator told me that this service would collapse if it weren’t for Second Harvest.

Our final stop was at the Fort York Food Bank on Dundas.  We unloaded the remainder of the truck and had a conga line moving trays and cases off the truck.  I accidentally spilled a tray of tomatoes on the sidewalk and there was silence all around the truck.  These people understand the critical value of this food, something that many of us take for granted every day.  As I scrambled to pick them up and headed towards the waste can, Winnie, the day manager, yelled not to throw them out, that they could be washed and boiled to make pasta sauce.  “Perfectly edible,” she kept saying “perfectly edible.”

Herea re my top 3 takeaways from my experience:

1.      This is an enormously vital not for profit for our city.

2.      Never take for granted the fortunate things in life.

3.      There is a huge eco system of social assistance in this city that many of us never see.


Thank you Scott, for sharing your experiences with us!