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The minimum age to volunteer with Second Harvest is 16.
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Please read about our volunteer opportunities prior to selecting your areas of interest:


Could include reception, telephone work, mails, filing, project support, outbound call projects, data entry, research and other computer work. Weekdays, regular business hours only.


Assist our Operations team in the Greater Toronto Area as a driver's assistant or nationally in Manitoba and Newfoundland & Labrador as a food distribution volunteer.


Provide support at one of Second Harvest’s events, or at a community event, by working the information table or helping with other general tasks, including material preparation, collecting donations, facilitating activations, and more.


Team Leads are responsible for training volunteers on site, providing guidance throughout the shift and act as a liaison with Second Harvest staff.


Represent Second Harvest in the community through public speaking and outreach initiatives, including volunteer fairs, trade shows, community events and more.


Achieve your community service hours by volunteering on the truck, at our events or in our warehouse – must be minimum 16 years of age.

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Volunteer Confidentiality Agreement*

Second Harvest’s mission is to grow an efficient food recovery network to fuel people and reduce the environmental impacts of avoidable food waste. Our vision is No Waste. No Hunger. Second Harvest relies heavily on our volunteers to assist in the day to day operations of our organization. Volunteers may be required to assist in activities including but not limited to office administration, data entry, operations, events, fundraising and driver’s assistance. Because we are a charitable organization, all volunteers are required to maintain strict confidentiality. This means that no person shall reveal any information regarding the details of financial documentation or information he/she may become privy to as a consequence of their volunteer activities at Second Harvest unless specifically authorized to do so. In addition, no person shall reveal the identification or source of food donations unless specifically authorized to do so.

Photo Release Agreement*

I give permission to Second Harvest and/or partners to take photographs/video footage of myself/dependent or obtain information from me throughout the course of an interview. This footage/information will be used to promote the work of Second Harvest.

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