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The Faces of Food Insecurity: Understanding Food Security Part II

In Toronto, many of us face the same day-to-day problems – paying bills, dealing with traffic and finding the right balance between personal and professional life. But according to a 2012 PROOF report, around 300,000 Torontonians are also faced with the burden of finding their next healthy meal. Full Story >

Culinary Students Learn Skills While Giving Back to the Community

Students in the Harvest Kitchens program at the Learning Enrichment Foundation (LEF) do much more than learn the necessary skills for a culinary career – they also prepare hundreds of meals a day for people across Toronto who don’t have access to good food. Full Story >

Does your workplace have what it takes to be a Second Harvest Hero?

Kicking off February 5, 2015, the Second Harvest Hero Workplace Fundraiser is a fun, easy way to engage your colleagues while helping to support Torontonians in need! Full Story >