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App to Fight Food Insecurity Implemented Years Ahead of Schedule During Pandemic

An app that’s been in the works for a couple of years is helping to get food to those who need it most in Newfoundland and Labrador. This province has one of the highest rates of food insecurity among all Canadian provinces.

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Urgent tech overhaul speeds efforts to get surplus food to millions of people who need it

When COVID-19 hit, thousands of shuttered restaurants across the country had kitchens full of food about to spoil, even as lost income and empty grocery shelves left millions of Canadians struggling to put dinner on the table. Lori Nikkel, the chief executive officer of Second Harvest, knew her organization’s platform could help on both sides of the equation. But there was no time to follow her carefully laid plans for a gradual national rollout. She called RedBit Development President Mark Arteaga, the software consultant she’d begun working with last year, and told him the new expansion deadline was, well, now.

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Opinion: COVID-19 could change the way we feed Canadians

For years, Canadians have survived with a patchwork system of aid to feed the hungry – a sprawling, informal network of some 60,000 charitable groups offering sustenance. Then came COVID-19, which ruthlessly exposed the precarity of this existing system. It shuttered schools, churches, domestic violence shelters, summer camps and other institutions of civil society that had helped meet pre-pandemic needs.

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Mission Summer 2020: Second Harvest and Tims’ Hero Cup

Mission: Summer 2020 continues, and Nicole joins us from Second Harvest to talk about Tim Hortons' Hero Cups. These cups will feature the names of frontline workers in the palm of your hands!

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Teaming up to fight hunger

Canada is flattening the curve on the spread of COVID-19 but the pandemic response has seen an unprecedented number of Canadians worry how they will afford to put food on the table. Among the organizations responding to the challenge is Second Harvest, the largest food rescue organization in Canada and a global thought leader on food recovery, which scaled up efforts through, a free donation platform connecting businesses with food surpluses to charities and non-profits in their own backyards.

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