Grade 9 Student Anneka Johnson's Letter to Toronto City Council

Recently , grade 9 student Anneka Johnson learned about the work we do and wrote a letter to Toronto City Councillor Josh Matlow. Here's a copy of her letter below.

Dear Mr. Matlow,

I am a grade 9 student at Willowwood School. Our civics class is studying social services in Toronto. I chose to study Second Harvest Food Rescue because it rescues food that would other wise be wasted, to feed thousands of hungry people in Toronto. You probably know about Second Harvest already because it rescues food from all the different wards in the city. Then it delivers all that food to over 225 agencies that help to feed the hungry.

I was surprised to learn that Second Harvest Food Rescue does not get any funding from the city of Toronto. They get all their money from corporate sponsors and individual donors and by holding many fund raisers and food drives. They work really hard to provide over 25,000 meals a day in our city.

I am writing to ask you and your colleagues on city council to consider providing some funding to Second Harvest Food Rescue because with more money, they could feed even more hungry people. It seems like there will always be hungry people because this organization was started over 30 years ago and it is busier than ever. The more money it has, the more people it can help to feed.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope you will consider this request.



Anneka Johnson

Willowwood School