Corporate Engagement

Whether you are looking for ways to get your company involved in philanthropy, or become a leader in community investment, you have found the right partner in Second Harvest.

Approximately one third of our annual budget is generously provided by community-minded companies through corporate donations, gift-matching programs, event sponsorships, cause marketing campaigns and employee giving.

When you choose Second Harvest as your charitable partner, our team will work with you to provide a customized opportunity that closely aligns with your mission and vision that includes ways to celebrate your contributions with our community of supporters.

Join our circle of corporate partners to give Second Harvest the fuel we need to relieve hunger and protect the environment through food rescue every day!

Some ways your company can make an impact:

Make a Corporate Gift

A corporate gift is the most direct way you can help Second Harvest provide access to fresh, nutritious food to more people across Canada. By giving to Second Harvest you can feel confident that your generosity is also a sound investment. Second Harvest was named a High Impact Charity by Charity Intelligence, showing that for every $1 invested in us results in $5 of impact in the community. Head here for ways to donate.

Employee volunteering

Volunteering is an effective way to keep your employees feeling engaged and connected with their community in a tangible way. It’s also a great teambuilding opportunity, and has been proven to  Second Harvest can provide a meaningful volunteer experience for your teams, whether it be at our warehouse in accordance with Public Health regulations, supporting one of our events, or participating in one our campaigns.

Sponsor an event

When you sponsor a Second Harvest event you are connecting with people who are actively involved in their community. It is a chance to build brand awareness while aligning with a good cause. Sponsorship opportunities include our major fundraisers, such as Toronto Taste or Second Harvest Hero, or one of our unique virtual events taking place while we continue to stay safely distanced.

Partner with us on a cause marketing campaign

Partnering with Second Harvest on a cause marketing campaign is a powerful a way for your company to purposefully engage your customers and employees in a cause you care about, deepening brand loyalty and strengthening your reputation.  Second Harvest will work with you to create a turn-key campaign that aligns with your unique philanthropic goals, budget and organizational objectives – all while helping to support people experiencing food insecurity right across the country.

Donate goods or services

Donating goods or services to Second Harvest is an effective way to help us offset costs and raise vital funds. This type of support ensures that more of the money we raise goes directly to rescuing and redistributing healthy food across Canada.

Give your surplus food

Second Harvest works with thousands of businesses across the food supply chain to rescue and redistribute food to our network of over 2,300 non-profit and charitable partners across Canada. By donating your surplus food, we collectively help feed people while also reducing the harsh environmental impacts of letting good food go to waste. Head here to learn more.

Offering your workforce ways to do good in their community will help your company retain, engage, and motivate your employees. Second Harvest offers many opportunities to get your employees engaged in a meaningful way. These include:

Become a Second Harvest Hero

Drum up a little friendly competition in your office by running a Second Harvest Hero fundraising campaign.  This is an exciting way to keep your employees engaged while raising funds to support Second Harvest’s food rescue operations across Canada.

Employee giving

Employee giving provides your staff with a simple way to make a positive impact with every paycheck. Make Second Harvest your charity of choice in your payroll giving program and help build a more sustainable food system in Canada.

Employee event partner

Throwing an event for your employees? Choosing Second Harvest as a charity partner for your next employee event is a valuable way to show your dedication to doing good in your community while building brand equity.

Thank you for helping us rescue and deliver healthy food to nourish Canadians in need.

Get in touch

Interested in helping help feed Canadians in need? To find out how your company can get involved, please contact:

Katie Bedford, Senior Manager, Corporate and Specialty Partnerships