Quick Bites with The Meat Factory

If you’ve ever been in a supermarket or deli counter, chances are you already know TMF Foods’ yummy offerings, from the company’s Lou’s Barbeque line of peameal bacon and ribs, to pulled pork and pot roast – they’re even the official pulled pork of the Hamilton Ti-Cats. TMF Foods has been a supporter of Second Harvest since 2017, donating food that helps social service agencies provide delicious and healthy meals for people across Toronto.

We asked Roland Love, CFO and COO at TMF Foods Ltd. in Stoney Creek, ON, three quick questions about why they support Second Harvest.

Why did TMF think it was important to invest in its communities and donate to Second Harvest?

We’re about more than the bottom line. We care about our team and part of that is helping to make the community they live in stronger.

How does your support align with your company’s mission and values?

One of our goals at TMF is to actively support the local community. Second Harvest provides us with an outlet to distribute food that we are unable to use to people in need within our community.

What would you say to a business owner or company thinking about becoming a Second Harvest food donor?

I can’t think of one reason why not to be a donor! The process is a very easy and simple way to give back to your community and it’s something your staff can be involved in and proud of.

Thank you, Roland – we love being part of your team!

Would you like to work with Second Harvest to rescue and redistribute surplus food? Contact: Ian Gibbons, iang@secondharvest.ca to get started!