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Second Harvest’s food rescue program supports over 2,300 non-profit and charitable partners across Canada by providing them access to healthy surplus food from our food donor partners. Our free web and mobile food rescue app enables non-profits to have access to available food donations in their communities.

Our non-profit network is diverse and includes food banks and hamper programs, student nutrition programs, services for seniors, shelters, skill and training programs – any non-profit that provides food to their community can register.

When non-profits register with the food rescue app, all important information is collected, like their food storage capacity, non-profit status, public health certification and program location. This detailed information helps the app make accurate matches with local food donors. The other benefit of Second Harvest’s food rescue app is that it makes it easier for non-profits to find food donations in their communities – no need to write a proposal, just register, find a match and make a pick up!

How we work

Second Harvest Food Rescue App

Register for free and start donating your surplus food directly to local non-profits

Fleet and Warehouse Operations

Our Second Harvest trucks are on the road 7 days a week across the Greater Toronto Area rescuing food directly from donors and redistributing food directly to non-profits from our Second Harvest warehouse. We also leverage third-party logistics to rescue and redistribute surplus food to our non-profit network across Canada.

Our diverse network includes

  • Community organizations
  • After-school and breakfast programs
  • Seniors residences
  • Food banks and hamper programs
  • Shelters and transitional homes
  • Meal program and drop-in centres
  • Summer camps
  • Remote fly-in communities

Get Started

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Join our diverse network of partners, register via the food rescue app or log in if you are already a member.

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Sign up for our direct delivery or pick-up program waitlist (available in Toronto).


Contact Us

To contact a member of our team, email us or reach out to our regional representatives listed below.

Email Us

British Columbia/Yukon

Wendy Erlanger, 437-703-7281

British Columbia

Nisha Banga, 250-870-1522


Jennifer McGlashan, 403-463-1346

Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Northwest Territories

Theresa Ducharme, 204-583-1102

Manitoba and Saskatchewan

Dawn Snook, 204-390-6735


Madison Maguire, 416-606-0984


Krish Thayalan, 416-432-9654

Quebec, Nunavut

Marie José Mastromonaco, 438-356-8457

New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, PEI

Michael Hardy, 506-429-4212

Newfoundland and Labrador

Andrew Williams, 709-330-2949


Have Questions?

How does the food rescue app work for non-profits?

Registered charities or non-profit organizations can apply at or by downloading the app in the App Store or Google Play to receive notice of donations and will be screened to ensure food safety practices are in place.

Recipient organizations will receive a notification of available donations in their area and will go to the food business at the pick-up time specified.

The app even shows you the environmental impact of your rescued food.

Is rescued food good to eat?

Rescued food is just like any other food.

In Canada we waste 11.2 million metric tonnes of good, edible food every year. This food is perfectly good to eat, but because we lack a cohesive rescue system, it ends up in landfill instead of on our plates.

Second Harvest takes food safety seriously and we ask that food donors and recipient organizations comply with Second Harvest’s donation and recovery guidelines. All facilities need to be up-to-date with local public health requirements and safe food handler’s training. We also offer helpful information to help everyone make the most effective food rescues possible. Second Harvest has many resources to help you donate, rescue and store surplus food. For more information, please visit to connect with a representative in your region.

Are businesses legally protected when they donate food?

Every province and territory in Canada has a food donation act that protects organizations from liability when donating food. Under the food donation acts, incorporated businesses, non-profits, employees and volunteers are not liable for damages resulting from the consumption of donated food.

Second Harvest takes this assurance one step further by offering education to recipient organizations on safe food handling and by offering a digital paper trail for donations. Should a business need to recall a product, we know exactly where to find it.

We take food safety seriously and ask that food donors and recipient organizations comply with their provincial or territorial food safety requirements. All facilities need to be up to date with health inspections and food safe handling training for anyone who prepares food.

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