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Second Harvest works with thousands of businesses across the food supply chain to rescue and redistribute unsold, surplus food to our network of over 2,300 non-profit and charitable partners across Canada. By rescuing good, edible food and redirecting it to non-profits who can use it in their programming, we collectively help feed people while also reducing the harsh environmental impacts of letting good food go to waste.

For every dollar spent on food waste reduction, a business benefits $14, a 1,300% return on investment. Not only that, but you will improve employee engagement and staff retention, and help to meet your corporate social responsibility (CSR) and environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals.

How we work

Second Harvest Food Rescue App

Register for free and start donating your surplus food directly to local non-profits

Fleet and Warehouse Operations

Our Second Harvest trucks are on the road 7 days a week across the Greater Toronto Area rescuing food directly from donors and redistributing food directly to non-profits from our Second Harvest warehouse. We also leverage third-party logistics to rescue and redistribute surplus food to our non-profit network across Canada.

Our diverse network includes

  • Farms
  • Greenhouses
  • Processors
  • Manufacturers
  • Distributors
  • Wholesalers
  • Retailers
  • Hotels, Restaurants, and Institutions

Get Started

Second Harvest Food Rescue App

The Second Harvest Food Rescue App connects businesses with surplus food directly to social service organizations and non-profits who will put it to great use. Click the Register button below to start using the app on our website, or download the mobile version from the App Store or Google Play.

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Contact Us

To contact a member of our team, email us or call us:

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Call Us at 1-416-408-2594

Have Questions?

How does the food rescue app work for businesses?

Food businesses register a free account at or by downloading the Second Harvest Food Rescue App in the App Store or Google Play.

Businesses create a donation by entering details (including types of food available and pick-up times), and recipient non-profit organizations then receive notifications of available donations in their area. Non-profits then pick up the donation at a specified time.

Food businesses can donate to specific organizations if there are existing community partnerships or make donations available to our network of non-profit organizations.

The app even shows you the environmental impact of your rescued food and lets you share your impact story on social media, right from the app.

Are any types of food not rescued?

To ensure everyone’s safety, these foods cannot be donated:

  • Leftover food that has been plated and served, including salad bar ingredients that are exposed to public touch
  • Prepared food that has been temperature abused – cannot be in the temperature danger zone for 2 hours or more
  • Food or drinks with alcohol and/or medicinal ingredients
  • Packaged food that’s been opened or has a broken seal
  • Sushi

Are there donation size limits?

There are no donation size limits through the Second Harvest Food Rescue App. Whether it’s ten pounds of food or ten thousand pounds, the app helps to match your donations to local charities and non-profits who can accept just the amount of food you have.

For surplus food rescued through the Second Harvest fleet in the Toronto area, we have a minimum pick-up volume of 200lbs.

Non-profit organizations have the flexibility to choose whether they would like to claim any donation, based on what is most appropriate and helpful for their programs.

Can food donors get a tax receipt?

Some food donations may qualify for a tax receipt. For further details, click here.

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