Céleste Cosmetics: Concealer that Makes a Difference

Céleste is a newcomer making a big big splash in the heavily saturated makeup industry. It’s not just the high quality paraben and cruelty-free products earning them rave reviews, it’s the unique way they’ve chosen to grow their business.

They’re not a nameless corporation run by wall street executives, they don’t spend millions of dollars on advertising and models and they don’t have executives making millions of dollars a year in bonuses. They also don’t have expensive retail locations driving up their prices. They rely solely on social media, their customer’s reviews and word of mouth advertising to sell their products. It’s the use of modern technology to return to the foundations of what businesses should be about, make your customers happy and the word will spread.

So what do they do with the money not going to overpriced executives? That’s simple. They use the absolute best ethically sourced ingredients money can buy and they price their products well below the highest end brands making similar quality products. Most importantly though, they give back. For every single tube of concealer they sell, they donate the funding to Second Harvest to provide a meal for someone in need.

Instagram: @my.celeste