Fièra Cosmetics: Advanced Cosmetics that Make a Difference

Fièra Cosmetics is a brand new player in the beauty industry, but not new to Second Harvest. Entering their third year in partnership, they continue to change the way things are done. 

Learn more about Fièra Cosmetics and their commitment to beauty and Second Harvest: 

It’s no secret that the beauty industry feeds on women’s insecurities by creating and selling unrealistic beauty standards. Fièra Cosmetics seeks to change that.

At Fièra, they empower women by helping them age gracefully. They exploded onto the market with some of the best anti-aging products of 2020, ready to show older women just how beautiful they can be. They’ve created high-quality, anti-aging cosmetics, and they’ve made them affordable. Because every woman, no matter what age, deserves to feel gorgeous in her own skin. 

For every tube of their best selling concealer that are sold in Canada, a portion of the proceeds is donated to Second Harvest to feed a meal to someone in need during these challenging times. Through Fièra Cosmetics’ partnership with Second Harvest, Fièra’s stunning customers have already funded over 50,000 meals!

By giving back, Fièra lives their belief that real beauty comes from within.

In an industry usually defined by corporate greed, Fièra is here to make older women feel beautiful, both inside and out.