I-think-we-can, I-think-we-can, I-think-we-can…I know we can!

If you’ve ever read the classic children’s book, The Little Engine that Could, then you’ll certainly recognize these words – spoken by a little engine that had to deliver toys and food to children over a challenging terrain and under difficult circumstances.

When Second Harvest started in 1985 with 2 volunteers delivering food from the back of a hatchback, we were like the little engine that could – we thought we could make it, and because of perseverance, and an understanding of how important the task ahead was, and because of loving, caring donors like you, we did make it!

But the story doesn’t end there. We’ve grown from 1 hatchback to 8 trucks – just like me – rescuing and delivering food to worthy partner agencies, but each day brings its challenges and an increasing need to feed more men, women and children across our city who live in fear of where their next meal is coming from.

Over the course of a year, me and my fellow trucks will rescue 10.7 million pounds of food and deliver it to the 253 partner agencies. This year the need for food has sadly increased by an astounding 65% so we can’t be “asleep at the wheel”- we have more food to rescue and more hungry people to feed.

Our holiday goal is to rescue 1.6 million pounds or nearly 400 truckloads of food. Now is a great time to help us achieve this goal as The Nikita Foundation has offered to match everyone’s donation up to $100,000 – wow, what an opportunity to see your gift go even further!  Click here to make your gift today!

Throughout my day, I know there’ll be many challenges ahead – there’s traffic jams, there’s road construction, there’s tight spots I’ll need to maneuver around, there’s breakdowns, the ongoing need for fuel and insurance, and there could be bad weather at this time of year…and I wonder, can we do it?

But, we’ve got to do it, because if we don’t rescue the food today and then deliver it to our many deserving shelters and drop-in centers today, our neighbours in need will not get anything to eat – it’s that simple, and that sad!

And, I know we’ll do it because I’m so fortunate to have kind and generous people supporting me and what I do – people like you.

It’s the holiday season and I’ve got plenty to celebrate – because of people like you, I’m able to rescue food and deliver it to appreciative people who are in dire need – like seniors living on fixed incomes, adults with precarious employment and people in low-income households with children to feed.

Our neighbours need food, after all, a meal is a meal, is a meal – people need to eat every day whether it is the holidays or not. But just like everyone else at this time of the year, they also need a reason to celebrate – you can give them both.

I hope you and your family have a wonderful and safe holiday season and, during this time of need, please keep Second Harvest on your gift list. Click here to donate.

Beep Beep and Happy Holidays,