Smart Giving: Part 3

We are proud to share the third and final post on our Smart Giving series.

As Malcom Burrows, Head of Philanthropic Services at Scotia Wealth Management discusses in his recent article “Donation Incentives:  The Canadian Advantage“, Canada has some of the most generous donation tax incentives in the world.

As we approach the busy season of giving, remember to consider your larger overall goals as your favourite charities reach out to ask for your support.  We know that you want to make a difference and to have your gift be used for the greatest good based on your areas of interest, but be sure to speak to your financial advisor to see if there is a smarter way to give.

Perhaps it is better for you to make your gift using shares of appreciated securities (click here to access the Second Harvest donation of securities form) as opposed to an outright cash gift.  If so, make sure you start planning for this now so that you can take advantage of the benefits prior to the December 31 tax deadline. Eliminating capital gains while supporting hunger relief is a win/win situation.

You are reading this because you care deeply about the impact that Second Harvest has on our environment and on the 300,000+ people experiencing hunger, who rely on our food donations.  Remember that there are many Smart Giving options that depend on your personal situation. Talk to your trusted professional advisor and call contact Jennifer Verschraegen to see how you can make a difference.

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