2018 Chef Challenger 1

David “Chile” Araya

NōMads Restobar

David is a Toronto native and graduate of the George Brown culinary program. His parents migrated from Chile, so cleverly earning him the moniker “Chile.”  This South American influence along with his years spent in Mexico and the Caribbean helped shape both his passion and direction in the restaurant world.

David has spent over twenty years sharpening his skills as Chef Chile, receiving his Red Seal designation in 2008. Some of his notable tenures include time at Nectar working under David Adjey, at Flow with Richard Andino and Vertical under the tutelage of Tawfiq Shehata. He currently resides as the Executive Chef at NōMads Restobar in both Mississauga and Toronto. He is responsible for developing the globally inspired menu and tasked with the ongoing challenge of keeping it relevant as it evolves with cultural trends.

Chile is a passionate, fun loving Chef who enjoys learning from those around him as much as he loves sharing his knowledge and experience. He is a true advocate of the industry and a lifetime student of the trade.