Smart Giving

We are proud to share the first of a three part series on smart giving. In this post, our Senior Development Officer Debbie Kesheshian introduces the concept behind smart giving and how it is the "hug" of philanthropy.

The success of Second Harvest is built on thousands of like-minded individuals like you to forward the mission of No Waste. No Hunger. You come to our events, you go online or respond to a mailing and while you enjoy a meaningful thank you call or note, you don’t need a face to face meeting to understand your contribution. Think of it as the warm “handshake” of philanthropy.

Smart giving is the “hug” of philanthropy.

My role as the Senior Development Officer is to understand what inspires you to give and connect the important work of Second Harvest to the things you care deeply about, whether it’s the environment or feeding hungry people. Think of it as the “hug” of philanthropy.

Smart giving is simply using different methods of making a donation that offer greater tax benefits or are part of your overall financial plan. Frankly, many of us are unaware of the options until we discuss them with our accountant or other professional advisors or we talk with a friend or family member who has taken advantage of one of the options. In my case, a friend had named a few charities as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy and for a small payment each month, she was able to make a far greater gift to something she cared deeply about. She was my inspiration.

These gifts may be outright cash but many are transfers of stock which provide significant tax savings. Some of you may choose to make Second Harvest a beneficiary in your will, of a life insurance policy or RRSP/RRIFs. This type of donation is usually gifts of assets as opposed to income and together with the tax benefits to you, they can be transformative to Second Harvest. While the ways of giving are important, smart giving is really about why you give as opposed to how you give and I’m here to help.

We are so fortunate to have so many generous supporters like you. Together, we are positively impacting our environment while feeding hungry people. It’s simple and it’s a common sense approach to solving many issues we face today.

If you would like to discuss smart giving options for Second Harvest, please contact me at or at 416.522.8935.