Summertime at Second Harvest: Our Ongoing Response to COVID-19

Your support has made it possible for Second Harvest to respond quickly to provide support and solutions to the challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are some highlights from the past month.


Bringing Food to the North

Through our partnership with Uber Freight, Second Harvest has been working with community organizations and the Northern Food Coalition to bring food to remote and rural, Indigenous communities across northern Ontario.

Also, as part of The Sprott Foundation’s $10M gift to Second Harvest, we are partnering with The North West Company to get food to Indigenous communities in the North. Many families in Northern communities have limited access to the essential services offered in larger urban settings and are often more vulnerable in situations like the current pandemic. The timing of this grant will have significant impact for numerous families across Northern Canada. North West is also supporting the donation by providing $600,000 in gift card/vouchers and collaborating with regional partners, including social assistance organizations and local food support programs, to ensure an equitable distribution of the grant using grocery vouchers.

Feeding Our Future

While many Toronto kids may not be going to summer camp this year, Feeding Our Future, our summer meal and snack program, is still going strong. In its revamped version, the program is set to run from July 6 to August 28 and has pivoted to provide Family Wellness take-away kits for children, youth and families. Kits will be assembled at Kitchen24 and will include supplementary food items, activities, recreational items and food resources.

Hyper-local goes trans-national, Second Harvest’s online, community-based food recovery platform, continues to grow coast to coast: last month 95 new non-profits registered on the food recovery platform, and 152 new food donors. Plus, the new app is now available from the App Store and Google Play in English and French!