Food Rescue & Delivery

Second Harvest rescues good, surplus food from across the supply chain, from farm to retail, and redistributes it to a network of non-profit and charitable partners across Canada.

Leveraging our food rescue fleet of 12 trucks, 1 tractor trailer and 2 cargo vans, our mobile app and our national logistics partners, we ensure healthy, surplus food reaches communities that need it most.

The food we rescue and redistribute is primarily perishable: fruits, vegetables, meat, cheese, juice, milk and more. Everything we redistribute is perfectly good food that has been donated because it is unsold surplus.

That rescued food supports a network of non-profits and social service agencies, including food banks, meal programs, children’s breakfast programs, community centres, drop-in centres, summer camps, women’s shelters, and other frontline social services.

In addition to direct delivery, Second Harvest’s food rescue app is available nation-wide to help local food donors share their unsold, healthy surplus with non-profits in their own communities.

Second Harvest Food Rescue App

Looking for a smart way to donate or access surplus food? You just found it.

Our web and mobile app makes it easy for businesses with excess food to donate to social service organizations and non-profits.