Food Rescue & Delivery

Our Food Rescue & Delivery Program is the core of our work. With 11 trucks and 1 van on the road, we connect excess food with those in need. The program runs 7 days a week and provides food to our network of over 384 social service agencies.

Our core program sends a fleet of trucks to pick up fresh, surplus food every day. The Second Harvest fleet rescues good healthy food from across the supply chain – from farmers, processor, manufacturers, distribution centres and large retailer to ensure good healthy food gets to people who need it.

The food we rescue and deliver is primarily perishable; fruits, vegetables, meat, cheese, juice, milk and more. Everything we deliver is perfectly good food that has been donated because it is close to its best before dates and likely won’t sell, overstock, mislabeled, discounted or has damaged packaging.

That food is then delivered to a network of social service agencies. They include food banks, meal programs, children’s breakfast programs, community centers, drop-in centers, summer camps, women’s shelters, homeless shelters and centres for addiction and mental health treatment.