Keeping healthy food on plates – not in landfills.

Rescuing food since 1985 has taught us that there is an abundance of surplus food waiting to be eaten and enjoyed. But because most of this surplus doesn’t sell, it is sent to landfill where it decomposes and adds greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. What a waste! And that’s why Second Harvest created FOODRESCUE.CA, a simple, practical way to connect food donors to local non-profits and help keep plates full, not landfills.

Becoming a donor has just three steps: your business creates a free account on; log in with your food donation; define your pick-up window and a non-profit will pick up the donation. You can use your account as often or as little as your business requires, and you can opt out any time. is also free for nonprofits to join. It’s a win-win for our communities and our planet!