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Our Address

1450 Lodestar Road, Unit 18 Toronto, ON M3J 3C1


TEL: 416-408-2594
FAX: 416-408-2598


Monday to Friday, 9-5 pm.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Lori Nikkel, CEO, 647-382-0159

Benita Aalto, Manager, Content Strategy, 416-209-1391

Staff Directory

Chief Executive Officer

Lori Nikkel x294


Director of Strategic Business Initiatives
Christine Bomè

Interim Director of Programs and Partnerships: Kiera Toffelmire x245

Head of Operations – British Columbia: Lisa Werring

Program Sunstainability Director: Bruce Tharby 416-579-5047

Manager, Community Training & Education:
Jenelle Regnier-Davies x300

Agency Coordinator:
Rose Barcarse x288

Volunteer Program Manager: Ashley Ferguson x287

Volunteer Program Coordinator:
Marjorie Richards x243

Manager, Program & Process Development: Veronica Summerhill 416-570-6982

Regional Training Coordinator,
Daniel Collings 416-735-3671

Regional Training Coordinator, Pat Joslin

Senior Manager, Data Analytics & Process Development:
Gillian Chin-Sang

Customer Service Coordinator, Virginia Kromkamp x253

Data and Analytics Coordinator:
Ariana Del Bianco

Senior Manager, Food Recovery Operations:
Mickey Kuchar

Food Recovery Manager: Ian Gibbons  416-540-0473

Food Donor Manager:
Winston Rosser 416-570-5803

Fleet & Warehouse Supervisor:
Ian MacLeod

Warehouse Operations Coordinator:
Sorel China x 250

Distribution Coordinator  
Tom Montag
x 223



Vice President, Philanthropy: Jennifer Verschraegen, CFRE x 231

Senior Manager, Corporate Partnerships:
Corey Smith x298

Philanthropy Team

Philanthropy Manager: Sandra Zadkovic x302

Donor Relations Manager:
Jennifer Fitzpatrick

Capital Campaign Coordinator:
Sarah Strom x249

Development Services Manager:
Christi Olins

Development Services Coordinator: Alex Brown x304

Corporate Partnerships Team

Corporate Partnerships Manager:
Kris-John Kucharik x286

Corporate and Community Partnerships Coordinator:
Sandra Leutri x299

Outreach and Engagement Officer:
Marshall Otto x226

Events Team

Sponsorship & Events Manager: 
Jessica Westwood-Smith

Toronto Taste Manager:
Miriam Wexler x240

Toronto Taste Coordinator:
Nicole Pimental



Director of Marketing and Communications:
Kim Couse 416-254-7437

Marketing Manager:
Lisa Cadeau x289

Manager, Content Strategy: Benita Aalto x238

Digital Media Coordinator:
Rosemary Quinsey x228


Director of Finance & Administration:
Zeeshan Liaqat x 221

Executive Coordinator:
Madison Maguire x226

Office Administrator:
Michelle Gillooly x230

Human Resource Coordinator: Alex Kwiecien x247

Accountant: Sue Talsma x236

Bookkeeper: Javeed Mohammad x236


Director of IT:
Elliot Steele 647.526.8718

iMis Database Consultant: Jason Bartlett






Lead Driver: Sami Abdurahim
Atambire Akaselsi
David Bell
Gawane Grant
Hektor Habili
Santiago Holguin
Tom Montag
Ed Scott
Kevin Massiah (part-time)
David Stokoe (part-time)
Matt van Elsen (part-time)
Bob Ramprashad (part-time)
Ginelle Woolcock (part-time)